• You Have 8 Seconds

    Command attention, lead change, and influence your future.

    In person. Online. Onstage.

  • Smart Leaders at Top Companies Can't Afford to Be Ignored

    If you're like 90% of top executives, you've mastered communicating clearly. That's not the problem.

    Where you lose them is the Influence Gap. It's how they FEEL, not think, that inspires action.

    The way you speak, present, and persuade determines the future of your company and career.

    What this means for you: Stronger Leadership. Faster Sales. Bigger Results.

  • Engage. Influence. Convert. Inspire.

    Private C-Suite consulting with real-world hands-on focus from minute one. No theory, no fluff, no bull.

    1-day and 2-day strategic work sessions customized to your executive team's highest priorities in leadership, sales, or marketing.

    Techniques you'll master in a few hours that you'll use for the rest of your professional career whether presenting to 3 people or 3,000.

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    Thought Leadership Inventory

    Let's get to work building on what you have right now...

    The Thought Leadership Inventory is a great way to get an immediate handle on what your organization is already saying in the marketplace. We quickly collate, curate, and compare what you're saying with what you want to say - and how to close that gap. You'll nail down proprietary ideas, concepts, and viewpoints that you'll get known for so that you begin to influence the larger conversation in your industry.

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    Opportunity Matrix

    Stand out from the crowd...

    Next we'll work through a competitive scan of what else is being said in your industry. And you know what we'll find? A whole lot of "blah blah blah." The Opportunity Matrix will identify contrarian, compelling ideas so that you zig where everyone else zags. What can you say that others don't, won't, can't, or are afraid to? Checkmate and game over. You win!

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    Here's the good stuff!

    This is the secret sauce you've been looking for...

    Time to add Persuasion Architecture. That's our trademarked framework of steps, triggers, and drivers that gets people to DO what you say. You'll get an easy to use story structure, a compelling way to teach through testimonials and case studies, and tools to anticipate objections in advance. You'll know exactly how to inspire your audience to action , even when you have tough news to deliver.

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    Now YOU take the stage

    You can't teach a kid to ride a bike at a seminar...

    Lightning Round Live is based on the fact that the best way to improve your speaking is... speaking. Stand up and let's hear you now that you're primed, pumped, and it's game time! Everyone gets multiple rounds to present in small groups, hotseats, and to the whole room. Mastering a small handful of vital acting, directing, stagecraft, and improv techniques, you'll quickly feel comfortable and start delivering natural, powerful, and persuasive talks.

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    Marketing Language Bank

    Land more and better speaking engagements FAST...

    An executive speaking engagement strategy isn't much good if your executives aren't getting booked to speak at key industry events. You know who DOESN'T get picked? People who show up with the boring corporate slide deck, thinly veiled sales pitch, or dry "state of the industry" spiel. You'll get the advanced marketing toolkit of highly paid professional speakers so that your executives get booked, rebooked, and referred.

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    Keynotes That Convert

    When you're ready for the big time...

    Ready to cross over to keynoting major conferences, trade shows, and industry-leading events? Some C-Suite executives and top managers do this regularly but don't know how to maximize every opportunity before, during, and after the speech to dramatically increase their "Speaking ROI" so that you get more leads, prospects, appointments, demos, and sales. You'll get everything you need from the KTC Skeleton Slide Deck to exactly what to do at every step of the conversion process to maximize results every time you step onstage.

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    Lights, camera, action!

    Video intensive for rapid improvement

    The Executive Speaker Lab is your graduation exercise. 5 minutes of your strongest material delivered live. Video critique and review plus on-camera techniques to make every media appearance, podcast, livestream, and webcast more compelling, effective, comfortable, and fun. You know what they say about New York, right? If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. That's our goal for you after the Lab - any onstage, online, or on camera appearance from now on will be a piece of cake, slam dunk, home run. And yes, that WAS three mixed metaphors in a single sentence. Boom!!!

  • Executive Speaker Mastery

    This is WAY more than presentation skills

    The strongest leaders know it's about championing your company's story...

    We get it - and after helping 550 experts speak more powerfully and convert more consistently,
    we're committed to helping YOU and YOUR team do it, too!

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    Rock the stage

    Improve Your Speech Content

    Become a better messenger of your message - more compelling, intriguing, and trusted

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    Change hearts and minds

    Add Persuasion Architecture

    Use a proven speaking formula that's designed to build rapport, add value, and convert 2x-5x more

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    Make next steps easy

    Catalyze Action

    Boost your results by compelling your audience to act NOW - short-circuiting doubt, hesitation, and resistance

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  • Client Success

    "David's program was an excellent investment with a very high ROI."

    -- Michael Rittler, American Express

    "Fantastic speaker and got a great reception from our audience. People can't stop talking about David's program."

    -- Diane T. Wagner, SUN National Bank

    "Packed an incredible amount of creative business-building ideas into a very short time."

    -- Mark Ziebarth, Specialized Information Publishers Association

    "Super program! Best educational experience I've ever had professionally!"

    -- Pat McKeown, MCP Hahnemann Univ. Hospital

    "Practical, nuts-and-bolts, and loaded with valuable strategies, tools, and tactics. If people didn't leave the room with $30,000 or $40,000 of value, they must have been sleeping!!"

    -- Steve Horner, Founder, Consultant's Forum

    "The seminar was great. David gave me many useful ideas. Session was so relaxed, it was almost like talking with him one-on-one."

    -- Cindy Jones, Sales, GE Capital Mortgage

    "Session was completely customized for us. David is great - very professional and right on-target."

    -- John Kirk, J.P. Morgan

    "Practical tools to drive my success. It helped me to not only understand, but also to organize and implement."

    -- Jerry Goodwin, Wells Fargo

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